Our mission is to help you feel confident and healthy in your skin through individualized treatment plans and manageable, meet-you-where-you-are skincare education. We strive to keep our services accessible in both scheduling flexibility and cost, and feel strongly that just because you can charge a certain amount for something, doesn’t mean you should.

We are available by appointment only, so please visit our schedule to set something up before stopping by. ​



As a Licensed Esthetician and founder of Earth + Sun Skin Therapy, Abby​ channels her passion for helping others into customized, accessible treatments that are both effective and relaxing. Her devotion to her clients is driven by her desire to help people feel good in their skin. With her warm personality and thorough, conscientious approach, you can relax in the confidence that your skin is being taken care of.​

Prior to her esthetics career, Abby studied Political Science and Environmental Studies at Iowa State University, before heading to Texas A&M to receive a Master's of Urban Planning. After spending time working for the state legislature and the City of Austin, Abby realized office life wasn't for her, and moved to esthetics allowing her to help others in more hands-on way. 

When she's not at Earth + Sun, Abby can be found tending to her home garden, strength training, cooking delicious vegan meals, and hanging at home snuggling with her very cute doggies, Macie and Finnegan.


As a Licensed Esthetician and behind-the-scenes coordinator at Earth + Sun, Kati is driven by her desire to help and connect with others, a motivation reflected in her welcoming nature and effective, relaxing, and fun treatments. She is humbled by her clients' time and trust, and doesn't take it for granted-- her ser​vices are attentive and leave clients feeling great in their skin (or brows, or lashes!).

Kati found​ her way to esthetics by way of Abby, her neighborhood esthetician-turned-mentor. After a decade in hiring and design research, Kati was ready to take a break from the 9-5 to focus on building 1:1 connections with her community. Motivated by Abby's story and encouragement, she quit her full-time job to go back to school, helping with odds and ends at Earth + Sun on the weekends, until her licensure was complete. She's thrilled to be helping others in a hands-on way these days.

In her free time, Kati enjoys yoga, Mardi Gras costuming, and walks with her partner Brendan and pups Pippa and Jackie.


As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Instructor, Becca uses specialized facial massage techniques, measured breathwork and quality facial products to create the most soothing and effective facial massages in Austin. 

Becca loves helping people, and spent time in the public and nonprofit sectors putting her Texas A&M Community Development studies to good use with Austin Parks and Recreation, the state legislature, and international governments and NFPs. Becca completed her Yoga Instructor and massage therapy certifications through Dharma Yoga and Lauterstein-Conway, respectively. 

As both a full-time yoga instructor and LMT these days, Becca brings the same mindfulness that she cultivates in her yoga classes to her massage sessions, with special attention to balance and relaxation. In her free-time, Becca serves as a doula, does some business writing as an international government development contractor, and rock climbs.


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