Lowering product prices

Hello hello,

Well this is a nice update to be able to share. Some of our product prices are going down! The back story:

Over the past year, Olive + M- a local, vegan, olive-oil-based, smell-good, feel-good skincare line we carry at Earth + Sun- has seen huge success (and for good reason!). With their growth, Olive + M is now able to source their products' raw materials at a lower cost than before while still upholding the clean, ethical ingredients and practices for which they're celebrated. 

Instead of pocketing the money, the kind folks at Olive + M are passing the savings along to their customers, meaning prices across their entire line just became more affordable. All Olive + M products on our shelves have been updated to reflect these new, lower costs.

To celebrate, we've brought back our 90-minute Olive + M Facial Massage Facial special for all of July!

We are thrilled to have the privilege to work with a product line with so much integrity. What a cool, inspiring thing for Olive + M to do as a small, accessibility-centered company. 

One Olive + M essential in particular, now only $24, is their Antioxidant Balm, a nourishing, velvety balm that goes great on the face, lips, even cuticles. Between its powdery, floral scent and protective antioxidants, Antioxidant Balm keeps your skin safe, plump, and happy all summer long.

Just like the ice cream shop, we have testers and tiny sticks ready for your sampling pleasure, and encourage you to give Olive + M a try because we love them and we love you and we think you'll love each other too.

All my best, Abby